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Stranded In This Spooky Town
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4th-Dec-2009 09:04 am - I've been stamped!
Little Dorrit

I think it's really interesting to see which character you're most like. I kept my mind open and decided that I didn't want to be stamped as anyone in particular. Funnily enough, Jo March had never even crossed my mind - I haven't read the book yet and I've only seen the film once, a few years ago. Well, I suppose I'd better get myself to a book shop!
26th-Nov-2009 03:00 pm(no subject)
3 Merlin Wallpapers
12 Merlin Icons


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29th-Oct-2009 09:53 pm - Writer's Block: Seeing stars
Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

Hmm... That's a really tough question. I have loads of characters I love. There are so many, I couldn't chose really.

Books - Mr Darcy, would probably be top of the list, I know it's predictable, but it's Mr Darcy!! And I don't know why, but I would actually like to date Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. I know he's a cruel character and all, but there is some intriguing about him and I wouldn't mind him loving me like he loved Cathy! But maybe I'm just strange.

TV Characters - Arthur from Merlin would have to be top of my list. Because he's adorable.

Film - That's hard as well. Maybe Edward Scissorhands...

I can't chose between those people, so they would have to fight over me. XD

21st-Oct-2009 02:51 pm(no subject)
Little Dorrit
76 Merlin Icons
22 Emma Icons
28 Bright Star Icons
35 Pride and Prejudice (2005) Icons
27 Leighton Meester Icons
26 Katie McGrath

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14th-Oct-2009 07:53 pm(no subject)
101 Merlin Icons
43 Merlin Cast
27 Robin Hood


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13th-Oct-2009 02:51 pm(no subject)
76 Merlin Icons
25 Wuthering Heights Icons
11 Little Dorrit Icons
12 Emma Icons


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9th-Oct-2009 09:48 pm - Whoop!
Hallelujah! My Merlin Series 1 DVDs came today! Thank you Post Office, about time too! But by the time I got them, I had to go into school. Cue disgusting weather here in England and me getting soaked. And then I had to clean out the chickens. I've managed to watch 3 episodes of Series 1 now, and I forgot how much I love them. They're just good fun. I also managed to catch the last 15 minutes of Series 2 Episode 3 on BBC3 earlier, followed by Merlin: Secrets and Magic. I love them so much, they just crack me up every time!

I've also been working on some new icons, this time Merlin ones (Of course!). Here's a sneak peek at them.

There will be loads!

8th-Oct-2009 11:52 am(no subject)
Little Dorrit
Meh, my Merlin DVDs still haven't turned up. How long does it take? Amazon dispatched them on Monday, and it still hasn't arrived. The Post Office obviously likes to annoy me...

On another note, I have to catch my cats as they're going to the vets for a booster jab later. Wish me luck.
7th-Oct-2009 02:56 pm - Little Dorrit icons
26 Little Dorrit Icons (BBC Adaption)


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7th-Oct-2009 01:14 pm - Hola!
Well, this is my first Live Journal post ever, though I use this site for communities frequently. My name is Katherine, and I live in lovely, wet England on the South East Coast. I spend most of my time at home, and have been ill with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for nearly 2 years (9th October to be precise, so 2 days to go). I am currently working towards my GCSEs, though they'll probably be lower grades than what I should have been getting if I were well. I'm hoping to go on to University after my A levels, to study Psychology. I've always had an interest in how the mind works and I started watching Child Psychology programs at the age of 10 and even tried techniques out on unaware young children at the age of 11.

I also have a love for chickens, yes, chickens. I'm not exactly what most people would call a normal teenager. I hate using a mobile phone, I don't exactly like to go 'hanging out with mates', I'd much rather spend my time at home, reading a nice book, watching a film on my own or spending time with my animals. I've always loved animals; my first pets was a rabbit called Peter. I got him when I was 5 and he lived until I was 14. Over the years I've kept rats, mice and fish and I now own two cats, Ted and Lily, and nine chickens, Nellie, Bella, Lucy, Narcissa, Selena, Dora, Minnie, Cassie and Guinevere. I only started out with three this summer, then I wanted to rescue some battery hens, so I did. We were going to wait until next year for our next lot, but on Sunday, when we went to the farm to get some food, fell in love with Minnie, Cassie and Guinevere and just had to take them home. I will post pictures of them sometime; they're not your average brown hen and Guinevere cost a small fortune.

I do get obsessed easily. It's one of my worst personality traits. I love Merlin, the BBC program, it's just harmless fun and it brightens up the Saturday evenings when there's nothing else worth watching on TV. I ordered Series 1 on DVD the other day, and it still hasn't been delivered. I'm hoping it'll come tomorrow so I can spend my day watching all the episodes I had forgotten from last year. I'm also a Tim Burton fan; I think his movies are just so cool. It was my friends fault, she started watching all his movies and got me into them as well. Edward Scissorhands or Sweeney Todd are my favourites, though I loved the musical before I watched the movie. Big Fish and Sleepy Hollow is also brilliant and I'm looking forward to his version of Alice in Wonderland next year.

I used to have this unhealthy obsession with Twilight, you know, the one that every single teenager of this earth loves and cherishes and thinks that nothing can ever compare to it. At the age of 14, it finally dawned on me that it was a load of old rubbish, unoriginal, cheesy and awful characterisation. I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend like Edward though. But honestly, girls out there who thinks that it's the best thing in the world, read some proper literature. Classics are the best. Wuthering Heights is my absolute favourite, though I can't stand Jane Eyre, even though it was written by Emily Bronte's sister. Talking of Wuthering Heights, I was in Tesco the other day, and I saw a copy of the book with a big sticker saying "Edward and Bella's favourite book". What on Earth? Do you really think a 12 or 13 year old is going to understand Wuthering Heights? Maybe they will, maybe they'll enjoy it. At least it gets people to buy this brilliant classic.

On to music now. I love Oasis, I saw them in Wembley in July, a month or so before they split up. It was an experience that I probably won't forget, I mainly remember having bottles of beer chucked at my head. The music was good too. Among millions of other artists I love are Kings of Leon, Kasabian (whom were a supporting act when I went to see Oasis at Wembley), The Fratellis etc. Anything rock, indie, pop, classical - I'll listen to it.

Anyway, I didn't know I could ramble on so much in one post.

Good day and come back to visit soon!

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