Stranded In This Spooky Town

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atonement, big fish, chickens, doctor who, edward scissorhands, gemma doyle trilogy, hamlet., kasabian, kings of leon, merlin, music, northanger abbey, oasis, sweeney todd, the fratellis, walk the line, wuthering heights
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about me.

I'm not your average teenager. I hate using a mobile phone and I much prefer to be on my own in my house. I have a small obsession with chickens, I love them, and I have 9 altogether; Nellie, Bella, Lucy, Narcissa, Selena, Dora, Guinevere, Cassie and Minnie. I also have two cats, Ted and Lily, who I love lots and lots. I love watching TV and movies; I'm a big Tim Burton fan and I love Merlin on TV.

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